Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FOUND: Keegan gibbs / open space

Ahhh. Art openings.

Let's be honest, I usually find myself passing more minutes examining the invitees and ruminating on the nature of their invitation.

This event was no different.

The artwork was particularly delightful and if it weren't for the human blockades of hipster-hovering around celeb-attendees,I would have succeeded at giving every piece my undivided attention. all five seconds of it.

Alas, it is just in the nature of attending an art opening to see and be seen. Checking out the real works on display, working the room.

The installations were illuminating and illuminated.

My favorite. (bc you always need to pick a fav, especially when you fantasize about being a future patroness of the arts)

I do have to give a shout out to LA for keeping it pretty damn real... Art openings in NY make me shudder. Too much everything and everyone all at once. The truck parked in the center of the gallery lightened the mood added a welcome dose of humor.

and who doesn't love an open bar.

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