Friday, July 9, 2010

LOST: USA vs Ghana

Started the morning armed with donuts and pints... Cheery... Optimistic.

Dressed in our USA jersey-best.

The masses were amassed in their red, white, and BLUE.

We were BLUE bc my brother wasn't with us, we felt it just wasn't the same cheering without our mini-equipo. Alas, Brooks was in London, throwing back some fresh pints at our local pub in hampstead, watching the game, so I guess I can't feel too badly for him. (the trip was subsidized by my parents)

We went to the new The Parlor on melrose- a meh- experience, if you ask me.

Quite frankly the bartenders ignored me and served everyone around me twice before I got all aggressive on them. I then ordered a heffe... Haywire was the brand..... BIG mistake. It's terrible and a bar should know that. Did they not taste the Heffe they put on tap? Why not put Heavenly Heffe on tap ? and secure yourself an A-?

Haywire gets a C-... a C-... come on now.... It gets an F in my book, just so you know.

So I would like to agree with my sister's friend Kelly. My thoughts exactly.... And I thought I hit a low point with the shitty cafeteria fries, bad service, and terrible heffe on tap... The USA loss put it over the edge.

Ugh. Another 4 yr wait.

Likely posted with typos from my iPhone

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