Sunday, July 25, 2010

FOUND: A Biergarten in Ktown?

Biergarten has beer and yet no garden.

I don't hold it against the owner Neil, who kindly introduced himself while we were wrapping up the meal... our lychees were on the house... ! Honestly, LA needs a proper Beer-garden, but for now Biergarten will satiate my immediate needs for beer.

The only favorites missing from the beer menu -Duvel and of course, Brooks' cider!

Fried fantasticness...

A stein, just my size.

Judge Doom (from Who Framed Roger Rabbit)s apparently was drinking with us... terrifying.

Kim had a goblet-sized beer float Made with Old Rasputin!

A wall of my Favs! A nine out of ten, and is currently looking like my new local!

Side Note: It doesn't hurt that they have a killer happy hour: one penny pitchers of PBR with the purchase of any appetizer.

Yes please, I would like an order of tempura french fries.

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