Monday, July 26, 2010

FOUND: HOMELESS: The motel kids of Orange County

looks fascinating...

One day I will no longer work in reality TV and that day will be the day I start working in documentary film and decrease my quality of "material" life.

You would think my professional sacrifice to work in a C-List industry would fuel excessive TV watching... for "research purposes"... though I feel myself drawn to watch documentary film instead. It would probably help if I had HBO.

For now I must leave work early so that I can Tivo this film at my parents house.

The content of this film I suspect will make me grateful that I have:
1- a paying job
2-paying job I actually love, despite how many people frown upon reality tv
3-a tv set
4- a tv set with hbo at my parents house
5- and a set of parents who still let me tivo at their house

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