Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LOST: Free Time

So I know I have been neglecting to write, but it is not because I don't want to. Unfortunately the show that has been consuming my life has prevented me from even thinking about this blog.
The show follows a life coach/specialist who declutters people's lives, and every night I get home at eleven pm after working a day that started at 5am, I am one step closer to casting myself into the show... with piles of dishes in the sink, piles of clothing on the floor, and a pile of Lucy sprawled across the bed.

I promise that I will do my very best to keep up with the blog though I suspect with my lack of a social calendar, it will be nearly impossible. I come up for air on August 15th, so you know just how long you have to hold your breath!

Thanks for your patience, kind readers.

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