Sunday, July 25, 2010

FOUND: Brooks' Cholo

Post Sunday afternoon $20/hour foot massage at my favorite Man Han Tang with Catherine, we decided to pop across the street to further our relaxation, at El Cholo. Mi favorito.

Margaritas always does a Sunday right, especially at 4pm!

We sat, I ordered the classic, blended and Mid-sip I noticed... over Catherine's shoulder...
Brooks on the wall.

Not at all a joke, literally my brother is in a photo on the wall in the restaurant. Located just above Catherine's head in the photo below.

I couldn't believe it. I just happened to sit exactly where my brother's photo is hung.

Brooks was a close friend of the owners son as a child and apparently adorable enough to be hung on the wall with his cub scouts group decked out in USC garb. Brooks located front and center with his signature pose: tongue prominently extended!

The Brooks is on the Wall. How about dem margaritas?

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