Monday, December 14, 2009


Discovered this tree while walking down Main Street in Santa Monica/Venice  I stumbled upon this magnificent Christmas Tree... made of Shopping Carts... Ho Ho HOLY SHIT.. I said under my breath as I tilted my head back to take it all in. 

My interpretation of the "artistic" message: Pretty Literal- Shopping Carts are a part of Christmas... the artist wants us to recognized what this holiday has become. Clearly a holiday time where I spend  most of my blog posts listing what I want to buy and what I am buying for people.  

Here's my confession-   I would much prefer stumbling upon a tree of this variety to one that was made out of little baby Jesus dolls.  That could be a bit too literal for the public...  for now, the message is disturbing enough.  From here on out: NO MORE SHOPPING POSTS ON MY BLOG.   (*unless I find something really really sweet worth sharing) 

*It's my Wallpaper for my iphone.  (I try to keep my wallpaper seasonal... )

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