Monday, December 7, 2009

FOUND: 4 Impersonal Gifts for Women under $55

A post inspired by a friend of mine who asked me if I could help research gifts for her sister-in-laws... impersonal gifts that won't make it into the trash or get re-gifted.  This gift guide is for those who want to impress with the thought put in, but really... it is just a great gift... no matter who you give it to! 

1- Kate Spade  Zippy Bag @ $50 (free shipping) 
*This bag unzips into a portable bag you can take to the      farmers market... perf

                      2- Mani Pedi  @ $55  (be sure to pay for the tip for the receiver)
                        *This gift would never get returned and works with all tastes and sizes.  Allows the receiver to select her favorite color.... 


3-  Subscription to THE NEW YORKER (great for men & women)
     * You can easily find cheap subscription sites online!!  

4- Everyone needs a little more KARAOKE in their life!   And seeing as though most everyone you know owns an ipod, this gift is just the ticket!  

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