Thursday, October 22, 2009

FOUND: SWEAT-FREE CUP (shhh... I bought it at Starbucks)

"It's  True, I confess:  I can't live without Starbucks....their Insulated Cup that is... "
My hairdresser at Rudy's first brought it to my attention. I coveted it from afar and after I called every Starbucks in the So Cal area to no avail... and refusing to bid on it on EBAY for twice its sticker price, I took up her advice.  "Look for it in Istanbul!"  Hate to admit: BEST PURCHASE ON MY VACATION TO EUROPE.  *shameful
PLEASE NOTE: Avoid asking to fill Starbucks products in Coffee Bean... it really pisses them off. Thank God my Coffee Beaners understand the importance of SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT.   As for the Coffee Beaners who sneer at me- "F*** off, get corporate to make a plastic logoed insulated cup for CB and I will make the change... for now... FILL'ER UP !"  

1 comment:

  1. it's shameful to double the toxicity - why doesn't Starbucks (or CB) use the DrySleeve - it's 100% green and reusable; insulates cold drinks and STOPS CUPS FROM SWEATING