Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FOUND: mercato di vetro

The Bennett clan carpooled to the newly opened Mercato for my belated Birthday dinner. It's so hip to carpool, everyone is doing it these days.

I opened my pressies and a bottle of cava at Katie's to kickstart the festivities with the family.

When we got to the restaurant, We ordered almost everything.

This restaurant is a happy addition to the already solid Italian eateries in LA. It's like we have a little Italy sprinkled across the city.

Not to be missed: Order the mushroom pizza, the sausage penne, the asparagus crustini, and the stuffed olives.

Oh and the donut dessert, the margarita, and and and.

The Red bench in front was the biggest hit for me. After a big meal, a girl wants to sit down whilst awaiting her chariot's arrival. My favorite moment of the evening was when my mom asked the waiter if she could validate the valet ticket. Yup, her response - I really don't get out much.

Love her!

At the end of the night, Dad was not the only one wearing a bowtie....

Look what he gave me for my birthday!!!

My very own everyday Bowtie...he knows how much I love me a bowtie. Let's be honest, I love it even as a pasta.

- Typed on iPhone , sorry for iMistakes


  1. Great way to celebrate a bday. Nice cleavage with that bowtie.

  2. Thanks, It's the Accessory to my accessory.


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