Monday, November 28, 2011

FOUND: Incan abraham

At Bardot.... Thanks kcrw. I owe you one, or maybe just a check.

Long overdue for a return visit to School Night. It's so hard to motivate anyone to attend a concert that starts after 10pm on a school night.

Oh well. I did try.

This band made me feel old and youthful at the same time. I'll keep my eyes peeled for these young whippersnappers at sxsw this year. Apparently they were the hit of the festival, though I seemingly missed out last year.....

I won't make the same mistake twice.

Typed on iPhone , sorry for iMistakes


  1. I was there! Was there for Milo Greene and they were fantastic and was really impressed with the openers too especially Incan Abraham.

  2. I was also there for Milo, though Incan was a nice surprise! See you at the next Milo concert!


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