Friday, September 2, 2011


When you arrive to this part of Michigan you are in the heart of everything that is right with the US of A. Long roads dotted with farms offering stands of freshly picked fruits/veg, baked goods, and honey. I love how even some of the stands operate on the honor system, with no one on hand, just put into the piggy bank what you owe for what you take.

Gallaghers is usually my first stop on my way to the cottage.

For a cinnamon donut.

Lodi apples, to Make my grandmother's applesauce. My mother lovingly makes it in her memory when we are in Michigan. Lodi can only be found here, so it makes it that much more special. It's the only applesauce I let past my lips. Once you have had Grammys 'sauce, hard to eat anyone elses. Can't top the best.

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