Tuesday, September 6, 2011

FOUND: oogie

Mommykins, I want a horse!
Rode Becky's Icelandic and now I am a preteen who has horse on the brain.

It's official I'm on a mission to get a horse (two) for ojai.

Oogie really changed my whole outlook on life. After an afternoon of trail riding: I found that I sat up straighter, I confidently had direction, and I pushed myself to ride harder than I ever had before.

I cantered through the woods at a frightening pace, I jumped fallen birch trees.... I nearly pissed myself twice.... But it was the good kind of piss. The kind of piss that reminds you that you are alive.

Oogie took me up alligator hill to the lookout where the Manitous never looked so awe-inspiring.

I think I might have a new hobby.

- Typed on iPhone , sorry for iMistakes

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