Monday, April 11, 2011

FOUND: GOOD magazine event

Katie, Dad and I went to a local Good Magazine event that was held in Atwater this Saturday... It was a family affair.

We started the day hiking the backside of Griffith, only encountering four people during the first 30 minutes of our hike... Ahhhh... Take that Runyon!

After the hike, we popped ourselves over the bridge to Atwater for some eats and marketplacing and entertainment.

Kenneth man-ed his Guerilla Gardening table. Apparently they were just featured on a Prius commercial, keep your eyes on the lookout!

My dad, the faceless man.

We saw this art/architecture installment and...

Dad put his head in the box.

Insert joke here.

I lovingly made an origami paper crane for Japan at a stand provided by the craft and folk art museum. I think it was kind in concept, but probably a bit more useful if I used a signed personal check instead of colored paper.just saying...

Lovely event... Discovered a new artist... New blog post to follow

Typed on iPhone , sorry for iMistakes

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