Saturday, March 12, 2011

FOUND: Son of a Gun

Mom took Katie and I out for a feast at the new restaurant in our hood - son of a gun-

Decor- stellar, reminds me of my voyage on the Mimi

Music- yacht rock, very appropriate

Service- pretty solid, though my mom waited 20 mins for her wine

Mai tais- bonus it's on a menu, shame it's mediocre

Food- order fried chicken sandwich! Best in town! Avoid lobster roll, meh for a thumb-sized sandy. Shrimp toast- loved it, but the review I read online that stated it was too oily, was just that. Citrus salad- wow pricey, small, and boring and honestly barely remember it

Beer menu- no lagers, one pils, no heffe.... Really?? Big mistake, big!

Cost- damage was pretty deep, thanks for the treat mom. Truthfully, probably only going back when I'm craving that $11 chicken sandwich. Which might just be tonight.

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