Thursday, March 3, 2011

FOUND: from Lukshon with love

Had to hit the new Sang Yoon getup. Obviously it was a struggle to walk beyond the Fathers Office doorway to get to the polished glass entryway of this new eatery.

We were seated at the tail of the bar, which provided us with ample entertainment.

Here's the breakdown:
Service- perfection
*spicy chicken pops- great texture, too spicy, too fatty
*ribs- best thing ever!
*curry noodles- big pass, terrible, too much curry, not enough dimension, very dissappointed
* black rice, once you go black.... It's that good
*dessert- free, need I say more?

We ordered one beer each and the total was $48/ head

Hmmm a B-

Sadly, wanted to love love love it... But only found it meh meh meh.

Hi ho hi ho... Back to Fathers Office I go..

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