Wednesday, November 25, 2009


In the spirit of giving thanks... I want to extend out that gratitude to Los Angeles, the fair city I live in.   While reading my favorite blog,   I was inspired by their post;
Here are my 7 Reasons to Love LA. 

1- PINK'S  (Martha Stewart Dog).  The secret: Go for Lunch on Thanksgiving... no line!  shhh... don't share that insider tip with too many

2-  HOLLYWOOD FARMER'S MARKET -   Can go a Sunday without filling up my bags with fresh produce... earthy smells, free samples, crisp veggies straight from the ground... 

Have to spend an hour foraging through the stalls for the freshest tastes this season offers. 

 3- RUNYON CANYON-   No need fo
r a gym membership in this city.  A workout with a view, fresh air, smiles from fellow hikers, dogg
ies celebrating their freedom from restraint.  Nothing better than a bit of natural
 perspective and reflection every morning w
ith my fellow canyoners... 

Now some people find this path a cluster of chaos, but my friends... the trick is...  WINTER. 
Pick any day that is under 70 degrees in October- March and I promise you, that path will supply you with one of your favorite LA memories.  Flying down the path, wrapped up in a sc
arf, the beaches empty and just a few miles to biking bliss before you drink.... (obvi a stop at ON THE WATERFRONT for a Hefe is the reward) ... 
5. GOLDEN STATE: Need I say more....   A Solid A+ Burger, Innovative Ice Cream, Craftsman Beers on tap... and only a couple blocks from my apartment.   

6. HOLLYWOOD:  This city is brimming with opportunities like Q&A's with directors after films and exposure to listen to forward thinkers and dream-makers.   Hollywood is more of a mindset to me, than a physical location...  In this town, Creativity is the mayor that we all voted for! 

and we love this city... I confess, I am spoiled. 

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  1. Aah I want to go to all these places...I really hope I can visit LA this spring or summer after having to cancel my trip last summer!