Monday, November 23, 2009

FOUND: Lost & Found at Disneyland

My sunglasses weren't the only thing I lost at Disneyland.  My Voice was left there.  There is a good possibility that I lost it while at California Adventure on the roller-coaster California Screaming.  

While I am on that thought.... I should probably check to see if Gabor LOST his hearing on that ride... he was sitting right in front of me.  

Anywho, I called Disneyland Lost & Found to file a report/claim and it was a fascinating experience.  Apparently they have every other type of Ray Bans, except for mine.   I was informed they mail the item to you, free of charge.  Crossing my fingers that they find my sunglasses, I fear I might not be as hip without them.  

*This image was pulled from Disneyland Paris (how great is this sign?)

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