Monday, May 16, 2011

FOUND: food truck derby

While my friends were watching the derby, I was eating at a derby. This derby included free beer, free music and lots of free food from food trucks, couldn't turn that down. Thank you Hyundai & Antenna Magazine for sponsoring this FREE FEST. In this economy I am shocked they offer anything for free.

The music was actually quite good and was a nice break from the feasting held outdoors. I was mostly in a food coma during the indoor stints, so pretty much don't remember any of the bands I was listening to....

Yes that is bacon crumbles on top of the nutella brownie from the LARDON truck... DON mind if I do!

Joe pounded the brews, as he walked from his house to the party in Hollywood.

I loved the coupon system, they gave you a sheet of 6 coupons that you could cash for one item at each of the 6 trucks. I thought I could make it through my coupon book, but my appetite could only handle 3 trucks. The owner of the Great Balls on Tires truck generously gifted me a entire plate of delish meatballs and I have to say I hoovered them down as quickly as I could, preventing me from exploring the other trucks.

The event was a total hit and the freebies on the way out, only reinforced that more. I thought the food truck rage was kinda over.... but after that event... I say... RAGE ON! The trucks are here to stay.

- Typed on iPhone , sorry for iMistakes

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  1. i went with michael but was totally disappointed. we left after 15 minutes. glad you ate and had fun!